The Lowdon's 'Pill Companion'

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Design of the new pill switcher app that helps females with their contraception

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Paid freelance work as part of my role as The Lowdown's design lead

Role: UI/UX design / UX consultation / library content creation

Source of information: The Lowdown

Software used: Adobe XD/ Figma



About The Lowdown

The Lowdown is the world's first review platform for contraception - also known as the Tripadvisor for contraception. 

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The Lowdown's goal

The Lowdown on a mission to change the way that females choose, access and use their contraception by giving them

a platform to review their contraception and share their personal experiences and stories.

By creating a 'The Pill Companion' app, the Lowdown is bringing a solution for females to access even more information about their birth control and overall female health. 


The brief

We created the app from scratch and we've been through many changes in the functionality of the final product. The idea behind it was to create an on-boarding section, a homepage and a content library where users can access articles written by scientific writers on various topics about female sexual health.  

Part of my role was also to create graphics for the content library.


We created an onboarding process for new users to get to know them, their preferences and their issues better.

This was crucial to help establish trust between the user and the process, considering the app's purpose is a very intimate and private matter. Making the user feel seen and understood was the utmost priority.

Home screen

The home screen was designed to display all the necessary information at a quick glance and to make the most important things easily and quickly accessible. 

When opening the app, the user sees their current pill,
their goal and The Lowdown's recommendation.  
From here, they can buy their pill through the app, read reviews about their contraception of choice, learn more about hormones and female sexual health by visiting the content library or choose to get 1-on-1 help via a chat.

Content library

The content library was created as a place to easily access all things contraception and female sexual health.

The user can find articles on hormones, health risks,

side effects & benefits of contraception.

By clicking the thumbnail, the full-length article opens in the app accompanied by corresponding illustrations and graphics that were created specifically for this app.

High fidelity screens and video run-through