A passion project case study and an unsolicited UX/UI redesign of the app's key feature

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Unsolicited passion project 

Role: research / problem & hypothesis development / UX/UI redesign

Source of information: Clue

Software used: Adobe XD / MIRO


What's Clue?

Clue is a female health app for tracking periods and ovulation, designed to track and predict periods, cycle patterns, fertility and menstrual health.

This Berlin-based company's product has millions of users and 71k ratings on the app store.

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Clue's goals

Growing the user base - growing the amount of collected data - contributing to the advances in global health research



To identify the problem, I scanned Clue's user reviews from the last six months in the app store.

The reoccurring pain point is the tracking and the lack of options within this feature.

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The current design and its pain points

The current design of Clue's main feature, the tracking, is lacking more flexibility in categories that have a wide range of possibilities. The app also lacks options in multiple categories as well as a navigation bar for easier use.


Users using the Clue app to track (and predict) their cycle, need more options and a more diverse tracking feature.


A more diverse in options, and a faster-to-use feature will enable for quicker logs which will then lead to users being more prone to tracking their cycles.  Considering Clue's future perspective,  more users tracking regularly will lead to more data being collected, giving more value back to the user and contributing to the global health research.

The task-flow of logging data
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High fidelity screens and prototype

The idea behind the new design is to have the tracked categories divided into symptoms that are on a scale,

and into symptoms that have a single value. The user would also have the option to add additional symptoms and values,

as well as reorder them to suit the user's preferences and give a more tailored experience.

Limits & Constraints

The core of the app would need to be redesigned to allow for categories to be separated into ones that can be visualised on a scale (drag to position) and categories that have options to choose from (click to choose). Further options within categories need adding for the user to choose from.

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