Adapt's September Launch redesign

Contracted work for Adapt, a free revision timetable redesigning the app for the big September relaunch

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Contracted paid freelance work

Role: UI design / UX consultation / accompanying marketing material design

Source of information: Adapt

Software used: Adobe XD



About Adapt

Adapt is a study planner and revision timetable app designed for GCSE and A-Levels students, with over 100k users.

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Adapt's goal

Adapt helps students stay on top of their work. Whether it’s starting a new independent project, completing a school assignment or tackling a difficult task, the app exists to keep you on track and productive.



The brief

The relaunch brought an updated look, easier usability and more option for its users. 

The brief was to re-imagine the 'to-do' page, which became the homepage, with all additional screens. 

Also to design a brand new 'timetable' with all additional screens. I was also tasked to re-design the 'profile' page. 

The main screen 

For the main screen, the focus is the to-do list. The user gets to add tasks connected to their school subjects (e.g. revising a topic for an exam for biology) or general tasks that they want to accomplish that day.

A bell icon has been added next to each line so the user can easily set an alarm for every task on their to-do list. 

The week-overview has a new look as well with added days/dates as well as an indicator for which day it is and which day the user is looking at currently.

Last but not least, the navigation bar got updated with a prominent + button as the main CTA to add tasks to the to-do list and the new timetable button.

'Add tasks' screen

Coming from the main screen but clicking the + button (the main CTA), the user lands on the 'add tasks' screen.


Here they can either browse tasks that are directly connected to their school subjects (that they would have added beforehand) or they can click '+ add a task' and type in their own tasks.


Even on the typing screen, the user can decide to browse the subjects to find the correct to-dos. 


A brand new feature added is the timetable. 

Each square represents a period. By clicking the desired square, the user can add a new subject or an activity (e.g lunch break).

If a subject is added, the teacher and the room are added automatically, given the user has added these previously when creating their subjects.

To easily amend the timetable, the user can click 'Edit' to add a new week, remove a period or even a whole row at once.

User profile

The new profile screen is a full-screen overview of the user.

The design of the screen is inspired by bullet journaling as many Adapt ambassadors prefer dotted notebooks to keep organised. The background is mimicking the dotted pages and the entries are made to look like someone writing down their info in their notebook. 

The user can swipe between two screens.

On the first one, they find an overview of the choices their considering - university, courses, jobs, etc.

The profile picture with a short bio stating the user's

current school can be found at the very top.

On the second screen, there is an overview of the user's current grades and the grades they're aiming for.

High fidelity screens and video run-through

The idea behind the new design is to have the tracked categories divided into symptoms that are on a scale,

and into symptoms that have a single value. The user would also have the option to add additional symptoms and values,

as well as reorder them to suit the user's preferences and give a more tailored experience.

Additional marketing material

To support and promote the redesigned app, we also created posts for social media, the website and app stores.

We went with the same look that Adapt has on the website as well as throughout the app - cheerful, young and playful.


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